There are a lot of cosmetic products out in the market showcasing its immediate positive effects but unknowingly, these products may actually cause damage to our health.

These are due to the chemical ingredients found in the products and proven to be harmful to humans.  Common chemicals found in different cosmetic products are:

  • parabens,
  • phthalates for fragrance,
  • sodium lauryl,
  • aluminum compounds,
  • triclosan.

Even if those chemical ingredients are in little concentrations, they may gradually accumulate in the body and could cause health concerns as for everything your body absorbs or digests, impacts the way your body functions and feels.

From simple skin irritations like acne, rashes, premature wrinkles, it may worsen to more serious problems hinting hormonal effects and worst, cancers.

Thus, considering these would be nightmares, why not choose a healthier alternative?

Why not go natural for your beauty regimen?




You should switch to natural and organic about cosmetics you use for numerous reasons:


Good for the Environment

The manufacturing process of creating chemical or synthetic personal care products could be harmful to the environment. By choosing natural products, we’re actually reducing the demand for the production of toxic chemicals. Meaning the air and water will get fewer chemicals; As a result, clean and happy mother nature for us and the generations to come. Great right?!


Value for Money

Organic products are more expensive but definitely worth it! Why? Imagine how tediously the raw materials or the ingredients selected to draw the right texture. Sometimes it is organically grown in the finest soils. Independent labs perform various tests over the years showing that organic products are safe and effective. You will less likely to develop allergies and other irritations. The biggest return of using organic and natural products is actually not exposing yourself to harmful toxins. You wouldn’t want to have cancer, right?! Because according to the FDA, only about 10% of 10,000 chemicals commonly found in the skin or personal care products have safety data. With that, only about 20% of personal care products contain at least one chemical linked to cancer.


Animal Cruelty

How would you feel knowing your anti-aging night cream has undergone the testing process leaving bunnies blind? In those circumstances, would you still feel happy lathering it on your skin? You see, there are many large companies mostly cosmetic and pharmaceutical that partake in the inhumane practice of animal testing to check, test and gauge the side effects of its products.


If we wish to be feeling and functioning at our very best, we need to take care of ourselves from the inside out by being mindful of what we put on and inside our bodies. We should take our health and wellness as the biggest incentive.


So are you ready to get started?