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In true Cambodian Decadence and Revitalization!

Sra Thnam House Invites You To Try A Full Traditional Khmer Spa Experience

Our professional therapist can feel and sense your stressed nerves and body pains, and uses a variety of medicinal oil, assorted tea made of herbs while she treats you.

You will be carried away into a truly relaxing and restoring massage treatment.

The massage area is located in an open scenery in the restored Khmer heritage house.

Come and enjoy a refreshing welcome drink in our tea seating area enclosed in a lush tropical garden. 

Just before having your massage, stroll through our garden and relax in your private treatment surrounded by nature with relaxing music. 

After your massage, lighten up on the second floor of the wooden Khmer house to take pleasure with traditional medicinal tea infused with herbs and roots which are good not only to your health but also to your body.


Our Therapeutic massages



Massage with a Qualified Therapist

You start by getting massaged by our therapist.

Our team of therapists is selected among the most skilled, experienced and empathic ladies trained in the particular Ancient Tradition of Healing with Khmer Accupressure Therapy.



Relax and Cleansing session
After your massage, you enter a Traditional Steam Bath
made up of roots, plants, and herbs
in order to relax your body and open your pores.
Directly after your steam bath, you dive into a hot bath infused with special plants, roots, flowers, and herbs in order to smooth your skin and relax your whole body. 
A herbal tea is served to help draining the fluids out of your body. 


Use of Natural Homemade Products

All our cosmetic products are homemade.

The ingredients we use to elaborate our products are meticulously selected based on their origin and the way they were grown to prevent as much as possible any use of chemicals during any step of the process.


our happy customers


I went to Srathnamhouse out of curiosity as a friend who lives in France goes there every time she is in Siem Reap.

I ended up going three times during my 10 day stay.

The "parlour" is a traditional wooden Khmer house in the middle of a tropical garden. 

So serene and peaceful.

I fell in love with it.

I followed Kim Chun's advice and had different and appropriate massages for each time. 

Every time the masseuses pinpointed the problems I had.

Every time the massages were followed by the body scrub, steam bath and after a good long soak in the bath tub and the traditional face masks reserved for Khmer brides to be every day for a whole month preceeding their wedding.

Every time the sessions lasted about two and a half to 3 hours. The friends I was staying with teased me every time when I got back because I was so relaxed and serene.

I forget to praise Kim's non-alcoholic herbal cocktails.

I would definitely go back to Srathnamhouse next time I'm in Siem Reap. 

Advance booking mandatory.


Beautiful and rustic- the setting alone was worth the visit but the results of our day at Sra Thnam were astonishing. My skin has never looked or felt better. Everything about my time there was perfect. I even came back the next day to pick up more products because the results were that good.


I came to Sra Thnam because the place is reputed for its treatment massages. I had pain in my left hip for the past 6 years and I came just to have a try. In only 4 sessions, I felt a real improvement in my condition. Today, after completing my sessions, I benefit from a lasting relief. But more importantly, Sra Thnam is a place where you can truly relax : a beautiful garden, soft music, energetic massages outdoor. And they take the time to take care of you ! Kim, our hostess, considers well being has a whole system : that is why Sra Thnam combines massages, medicinal tea, steam and hot bath. Go there and you'll get the full experience. You just cannot be disappointed


the benefits of “your wonder treatment”

Reduces stress and relieves fatigue

Cleanses and Nourishes the skin deeply

Treats problems such as back pain or headache 


Our Shop

at Sra Thnam House,
we make all the cosmetic products we use by ourselves.

We Are Proud To Guarantee Great Quality Products 
100% efficient and natural

Find Out

how we make our products !


our wide range of Pure Natural cosmetic and healing products


The Sra Thnam House is centered on a nature-inspired set up surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Holistic massages are provided in an open scenery in the restored Khmer heritage house. In addition, a separate cottage and tea seating area are enclosed in a garden of their own. On the second floor of the house, traditional medicinal rice wine, infused with herbs, roots and spice is served.

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