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The Benefits Of Your Wonderful Khmer Spa Treatment

  • Reduces stress and relieves fatigue

  • Releases Mental and Physical Blockages

  • Treats problems such as back pain or headache


Who we are

At Sra Thnam, we provide empathic care and are highly experienced in healing your body and soul. We believe we can help you to experience a physical and emotional transformation. We offer a holistic therapeutic approach inspired from Khmer Ancient Healing Traditional of Massage and Spa.

These treatments draw on the knowledge of Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, whilst incorporating the expertise of Monks and Village Elders in plants and relaxation techniques.
Come to visit us and experiment restoring health, inner harmony, and serenity!


Amazing place and massage/healing session. Probably the best I had in my life. Helps me free my physical and emotionnal blocks. Thank you so much !!

thumb Nils B
May 6, 2022

Kim is amazing

thumb Julian Grant
August 6, 2022

The massage is healing your body and your mind. It is not a kind oil massage but it is better! It s a great moment ! You also enjoy the steam and the herbal hot bath. An amazing experience unic in Siemreap and great product and drink as well.

thumb Alice Creative
February 6, 2020

Nous avons essayé cet endroit et nous en sommes content. Le massage est plus thérapeutique que doux. La personne va essayer de vous réparer. Parfois un peu désagréable quand un nerf est coincé. Ensuite un mini sauna traditionnel dans une sorte de mini yourte. Accueil gentil

thumb DomBea
February 6, 2020

Such a magical place with the strongest massage I’ve ever had. Kim is professional and knows what she’s doing. I liked the fact that massage was outdoors, so I could hear birds chirping and thunder. Her lovely dog was next to massage bed as well 😀 after massage you relax in the steam room for 20 min and a herbal bath.

thumb Natalia Ivanova
November 6, 2022

Expérience magique dans un spa cocooning en extérieur avec des petites potions magiques Khmers. Tout y est zen, bienfaisant et de bon goût. C’est le charme et la bonne humeur de Kim Chun qui ont fini par me ravir. Je recommande vivement

thumb Sandrine Gluck Photographe
February 6, 2020

Une expérience très différente de tous les massages que j’ai connus auparavant. La première étape est un massage très très appuyé, parfois douloureux sur certains muscles ou points de tension. Ensuite une bonne dizaine de minutes dans une petite yourte, accroupi sur un tabouret, chauffée par du charbon de bois placé sous le tabouret. La chaleur sèche vous envahit et vous pénètre. C’est plutôt agréable après le massage un peu douloureux. Enfin un bain chaud aromatisé qui finit de vous détendre. L’ensemble se passe à l’extérieur dans un jardin qui vous (re)connecte avec la nature (toute proportion gardée, on est dans le centre de Siem Reap !). Une expérience unique de massage traditionnel Khmer qui me laissera quelques courbatures le lendemain, mais avec le recul je retiens un sentiment de bien être et d’unité.

thumb Bernard Astier
January 16, 2023

I can’t really describe in words what happened or how I felt after this treatment. I felt so much lighter energetically and a lot of my physical pains from my hip and my back was gone. The pressure of the massage is very strong but the girls are removing more than just knots from your muscles. I really recommend this treatment for anyone to try. If you’re suffering with any physical dysfunctions or/also energetic, seek this place out. Thank you Kim 🙏🏽

thumb Branislava Tvrda
January 6, 2023

If you visit Cambodia and didn’t went to Sra Thnam Treatment then you really missed something special! What an amazing, magical place! It was the best and strongest massage in my life! She could read my body like an open book. Her deep tissue treatment will help release mental and physical blocks that may have been there for years. This can be painful (and it really was for me) but it's 100% worth it. After the treatment, the steam bath and the bath, you'll feel like a new person! Thank you so much!!! 😍

thumb Marius
January 30, 2023

A wonderful and very unique massage!

thumb Ana
February 6, 2020

I went for 4 sessions with Kim and felt renewed and recharged. Kim is so intuitive and has the healing touch. I loved her place, so green and peaceful. The massages are painful but very therepeutic, if you have time to go for more sessions, the benefits just keep adding up. I am happy to admit that I am now truly addicted to Kim's style of massages.

thumb Deeptha Umapathy
February 6, 2020

Definitely an interesting experience. Its a super strong massage, so if your sensitive like me you might not enjoy it as much but if your in too the deep and strong massage this is the place to go. The steam hut was supper hot Which is a good thing. Bath was unique, Overall cant complain.

thumb Meb's adventures
August 6, 2022

What an amazing, magical place! I came to see Kim 5 times, she could read my body like an open book. Her deep tissue treatment will help release mental and physical blocks that may have been there for years. This can be painful but it's worth it, especially if you suffer from chronic problems. After the treatment, the steam bath and the bath, you'll feel like a new person! Thank you so much, Kim! <3

thumb Hannah
August 6, 2022

This place is magical. Due to all the tensions in my body, the massage was very painful for me. However, it was 100% worth it. Afterwards I could breathe much better and my body felt very stretched - like I was standing more upright now. I really enjoyed the natural environment with all the plants, scents and music. The steam bath after the massage was my favorite part and extremely relaxing. It is a unique experience and a hidden gem here in Siem Reap!

thumb Diana Baudach
January 30, 2023

Authentic Khmer Herbal heaven! I would highly recommend this beautiful space. It's located in a quiet part of town on the opposite side of the river to the old market, down a dusty lane. Far more than just a superficial beauty treatment, the whole process is heaven from beginning to end. You are welcomed with a cooling herbal drink to start, and the masseuse is incredible- a real healer. I loved the herbal steam in the little tent, and the lovely warm bath filled with petals and flowers. Kim and her team are all so kind and helpful, it's a wonderful space and all the ingredients are totally natural and made from scratch. I left feeling truly renewed.

thumb Suzi W
February 6, 2019

A beautiful oasis in siem reap. They sell amazing healing products made by an amazing lady. Healing massage is also amazing. AMAZING!

thumb Robert Page
January 6, 2023

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More about Our Traditional Khmer Spa in Siem Reap

Full Traditional Khmer Massage Spa

Don’t wait before booking: we take one customer (or a couple) at a time so we get fully booked fast…


This includes:

  • Therapeutic Massage (60 minutes)

  • Traditional Herbal Steam Bath (10 minutes)

  • Herbal Bath (20 minutes)

  • Herbal Tea & Healthy Juice