Many years ago, Cambodian forefathers relied on traditional healing methods to cure diseases, heal wounds, and recover from illness. The exact origins of traditional Khmer medicine remain unclear. Others say that it is inclined primarily with different regional distinctions or differences. It is also well-defined in its history however that it has been influenced by Ayurveda or the traditional Indian and traditional Chinese medicines. These foreign frameworks and practices were mixed with local beliefs and superstitions.




Who provides Khmer Herbal Medicine?

“Krou Khmer” are the healers and herbalists of Cambodian traditional medicine. They are experts in health care and healing. For centuries, they used to treat diseases making them the first people who formulated medical wisdom. The Krou Khmer traditional medicine is a form of naturopathic medicine. It uses natural remedies like roots, barks, herbs, and leaves, motivating the body’s vital ability to heal and maintain itself. Kind of magical for many, the traditional Khmer medicine stems from a deep understanding of life. It also develops a system of manipulating the human body.


Is there a regulation for Khmer Herbal Medicine?

In 1998, Cambodia introduced regulation in the field of herbal medicines. These became unrestricted and sold in over the counter and used for self-medication. From then on, pharmacies, special outlets, and licensed practitioners sell traditional medicines with no restrictions. To note, there are more or less 15 hospitals confirmed the using of Khmer inscriptions in Cambodia. With the existing Cambodian law, there are no claims may be made about herbal medicines. Now in recent years, traditional Khmer doctors have moved into mainstream practice: they are receiving recognition and training from the government at the National Center of Traditional Medicine. The center gives traditional healers from different regions an opportunity: to share their individual knowledge, techniques and train healers to a similar level and to assimilate their localized knowledge.


Is it to Combine with Modern Medicine?

Given that Cambodia is thriving economically, its traditional healing techniques co-exist with modern medicine. It often serves as a last resort for those seeking treatment. People mostly trust medicine from traditional healers more than synthetic medicines because they considered it as more natural. Aside from that, the Krou Khmer provides a treatment perceived as a bonus. Not to mention patients especially those who are poor who viewed clinics and hospitals as crowded and unfriendly places. Then, they tend to seek out the services of more traditional local healers as most often they don’t ask for money upfront.

The recognition of modern science with traditional Krou Khmer is great proof that the methods and techniques of which are no doubt viable and effective from then on.


Where to find Khmer Herbal Medicine in Siem Reap?

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