Cambodia: a year-round destination

Tourists flock every day witnessing the magical beauty and history of the country. Considering the geographical location of the country, its weather is warm all year round though there are several distinct seasons affecting the best time to visit.

Best time to visit: dry season (between November and March)

During this time, you won’t have to worry about the rainstorms ruining any outdoor activities you have in your itineraries. This is also the time of tourist peak season in the country. However, prices are at their lowest and if you are going to avoid the cities and head to their country or hills as the temperature there is generally bearable. Now, from November and February, this is the peak season for tourism which is mild enough to explore the different sights and wonders in the comfort yet warm enough to sunbathe by the coast of Cambodia. The humidity and temperature rise slightly between March and May. Phnom Penh and Battambang usually experience 33 to 35°C temperature – an excellent time to visit the coast. There will be a large crowd at top attractions like the enchanting Angkor Wat.

cambodia a travel destination


Moreover, hotels raise their rates during this season too.

If on a budget, try to travel between June and October

This is the official rainy season of the country and could experience different certain challenges. While there will be rainstorms, these are usually short-lived and usually happen late in the afternoon. With that, you may focus your schedule during the morning to mid-afternoon to have more time to explore. It is also a fascinating time to see the country transforms into a waterlogged expanse of tropical green with the deluge of daily monsoon. During this time, it isn’t easy when you get around the country. The dirt roads are likely turned into mud and flooding is usually a commonplace. It is not however surprising that it is the quietest time for tourism (even the renowned Angkor is relatively quiet with few tourists) and you will experience the countryside at its lushest.

To save a lot of trouble and money, you should book your hotel in advance. You can avail of cheaper hotel rates and choose a good location as well.

Transportation tips

When it comes to transportation, it is always convenient to rent a private car or tuk-tuk and it is not bad to bargain and get a good price. Note that for urban transportation, if you don’t like to bargain and have a local SIM card with 4G, you can install apps such as PassApp or Grab. Their fare is cheap and transparent. Moreover, geolocalisation is very helpful to go from one point to another when you are not familiar with the city. Try to ask your hotel: they can help you for sure.

People in Cambodia are friendly and welcoming

They will help you get to your destinations and willing to assist you. Most of them actually understand and speak English though their official language is Khmer. Almost everything in Cambodia is cheap. Thus, you need not worry too much about your expenses. If you have credit cards or debit cards, you may use them to pay for your purchases in the major tourist areas of Cambodia. You will also use them in some hotels and restaurants. Try to research and read blogs as your reference for itineraries. The best way to explore Cambodia is through its history. Be sure to experience the best while learning. See you in your travels!