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Are you in search of a well-deserved treat after a day of exploring Angkor Wat or Angkor Thom? Why not indulge in an amazing massage? Siem Reap offers the ideal location to enjoy a rejuvenating massage experience.

This guide gives you valuable information on how to spot the best local spa services (from the traditional spa to the cozy and comfortable wellness spot that ensures excellent relaxation).

Select between the different types of massage available in Siem Reap and define what treatment you want.

In Cambodia, not only Angkor Wat splendors will stun you! You will also be surprised to find the vast selection of body massages and spa venues available. Often, your hotel provides its own spa services. But sometimes, it is worth digging further: from the complete traditional full Khmer spa experience to cupping and ventosa massage, Siem Reap provides plenty of spas and massage places option! Before selecting any spa venue, it is important to define what type of massage treatment you are exactly looking for.

Get more information about the 7 amazing massage styles practiced in Cambodia as they are all available in Siem Reap. Do you need relaxation? Or are you looking for something more intense and therapeutic? Get an idea of the types of massage available in Siem Reap. Once you have spotted what type of massage works best for your needs and preferences, the search for the spa will become more targeted and it will be easier to narrow down your choices. 

Search on Google to select some spas available in Siem Reap for the massage you want

Taking some time to research Google will bring forward a selection of spa venues in Siem Reap.

To get the best spa treatment, you need to do a bit of homework:

As there are plenty of spa facilities in Siem Reap, you may ask your hotel receptionist and more efficiently, funnel them down using Google: Check pictures of the premises, compare prices and check for the skillsets of the massage therapists at different spas can be considered while selecting one. Particularly make sure you read reviews available online which can help you in deciding on a suitable local spa center. Ideally, try to compare the skill set each massage therapist holds, like if they offer deep tissue massage or relaxation massage. Check their prices and compare them with other spas before choosing the best one suited to your needs and budget.

Inquiring about the top recommended spas in Siem Reap will help you decide where to book your treatment. 

If you can, have a look at the spa before you book a treatment.

Massage treatment is a personal experience, and it should always be conducted in a comfortable and professional setting. Before booking an appointment with the spa, if you have time between the Angkor visit and dinner, try to have a look at the venue by actually visiting the place. Siem Reap is relatively small and a ride from your hotel to the spa by tuk-tuk won’t take you long. Beyond what you see in pictures or always subjective comments, this can help you determine the cleanliness of the venue and if you feel comfortable in a particular spa or not. This might help you avoid disappointment later on.

Book a massage after your day at Angkor temples and enjoy!

After a long day exploring Angkor’s temples and Khmer archaeological sites, when back to your Siem Reap hotel before getting to dinner, it is the right move to enjoy the benefits of a real Khmer spa treatment. After spotting the right spa venue, don’t forget to book (especially during the tourist pick season in Cambodia, as the most famous spa venues are also very busy at this time of the year)… You are exhausted by the heat and the long day spent at Angkor Wat. If you choose well, this might well be the best spa treatment of your entire life! Get relaxed and renew your body. From deep-tissue massage to traditional Khmer massage, all the treatments allow you to relax your mind and body in comfort and wellness. Enjoy being pampered with one of the professional massage experiences that can be found in a Siem Reap quality spa.

Back to your hotel, review the spa to help the next travelers!

How was your experience at the spa? Was the massage as good as expected? Back to your hotel, don’t forget to review your experience on Google or Tripadvisor. This way you will share your thoughts with future visitors of the Khmer Kingdom. This will reward good massage therapists and spa venues. While doing this, you will encourage overall quality to rise in Siem Reap and Cambodia! 

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