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Pure Noni Fruit powder

60 capsules

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NONI is a known fruit of a Polynesian plant commonly called the Lada or Morinda Citrifolia. This fruit may be consumed on its own or its juice may be fermented. Its extract is available as a supplement in capsules. Various research shows that it has significant benefits in keeping you healthy and away from illnesses and diseases.

Natural Antibiotic

According to a study published in 2012 by the Journal of Conservative Dentistry, teeth shavings with noni extract resulted in 86% inhibition of growth of pathogenic bacteria. In 2006 in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine, noni extract interfered with the growth of fungal organisms, including Candida albicans, causing vaginal yeast infections.


The compounds in Noni have significant anti-cancer properties, as research suggests that Noni might slow the growth of cancerous tumors. In 2013, a study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, it was found out that noni extract was nearly as effective as a chemotherapy drug in killing cultured cervical cancer cells and further says that it can prevent or slow down the growth of cancer cells.


NONI capsules made up of extracts PROMOTES URINARY HEALTH as a study shows that it improves urinary tract health by providing comfort during a urinary tract infection. It also FIGHTS FREE RADICALS – as the antioxidants found in the potent capsule combats free radicals in the body that causes premature aging of the skin and organ cells. More so, it BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM  – by the way of the antioxidants. It helps the immune system reduce inflammation in the body and fight infection.

It is made with 100% natural ingredients. No minimum effective dosage of Noni capsule has been established, but consuming up 500 milligrams daily is considered safe and without side effects for healthy adults. Do not take natural supplements if you are pregnant or on medication without your physician’s consent.


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