Tamarind Scrub



Tamarind juice, honey, sea salt

Available in 300g

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Tamarind scrub is a mixture of tamarind juice, honey, and sea salt


Enlivening glow

Reviving tired and lackluster skin unveiling beautiful complexion as a powerhouse of antioxidants having flavonoids, Vitamin C and A making it a great ingredient to lighten skin tone and reduce dark spots and pigmentation naturally. You need not use moisturizer because of its fusion of honey sea salt which moisturizes skin.

Deep cleansing

Tamarind extract helps remove dead skin cells resulting in a reduction of dark spots, blemishes and skin degeneration.  Lounge in the skin-detoxifying all-natural scrub that lifts impurities from pores with this micro bead-free tamarind body scrub.



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