Homemade Deodorant



Baking Soda, Cornflour, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Bee Wax

Available in 120g

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As antiperspirant stops sweat due to aluminum content while a deodorant’s primary purpose is to neutralize or mask body odor. Sweat is actually odorless when secreted from your body, it’s the byproduct released by the bacteria that feast on the sweat that makes it smelly.

Deodorants usually contain harmful chemicals that contribute to the body’s aluminum burden which can be harmful to your kidneys in the long term. The homemade deodorant is aluminum and paraben free keeping your underarms skin smooth and smelling fresh. It has all natural actives that fight odor-causing bacteria leaving no stains and streaks on clothes.  What’s more, is that the homemade deodorant has verified odor-blockers which makes you feel fresh all day long. It has also a moisturizer and tea tree oil for its microbial free properties.

The cream deodorant is easy to use leaving only an indistinct sheen on the skin and a very minimal goop on your clothes, it is almost nothing, no flaking or clumps. This homemade deodorant is designed for you to control and ensure you’ve got an even coating across your entire underarm. This product is suitable for both male and female.


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