Sra Thnam
(Infused Rice Wine)


Can you imagine a Premium quality Rice Wine infused with roots, fruits, leafs and herbs, which is believed to provide great benefits for your health!

Sra Thnam as it is called is a traditional medicinal beverage.

Khmer use this beverage to prepare a refreshing and delicious cocktail since time immemorial to treat their little or big health problems while enjoying an amazing drink.

Indeed, thoses concoctions are believed to cure many ailments and to help enhance sexual stamina.

Each mixture of various ingredients or elements have different benefits not only to your body but also to your health.

Here is an article from the Phnom Penh Post which describes the benefits of this magical beverage.

Our house got its name from this beverage as we were first reinventing it at the beginning of our venture.

We started doing homemade Sra Thnam following Ancient Recipes and exploring how to match different flavors to enhance the taste by developing great cocktails.

 If you like to experiment it, please be welcome at Sra Thnam house where you can have a tasting of different cocktails made of it or purchase some bottles from our shop.

As many of our visitors, you can decide to follow our cocktail class…

In this class, you will learn how to use various local fruits and herbs which are used in those cocktails.

It is a funny and entertaining way to learn how to make your own cocktails in the traditional way, using healthy and medicinal herbs, flowers, roots and fruits from the garden.

No hang-over while feeling energetic the next day is GUARANTEED !

And if you want to learn how to make those amazing cocktails, follow this link to get more information about the cocktail class we organize..


  • Infused Rice Wine


200 ml

15 USD