Cue #1. Know The Building Blocks of the Products You Will Purchase.


Flip on that pretty packaging and check at the back or bottom of the product and familiarize yourself with all those hard to pronounce elements for these are mostly TOXINS! These toxic chemicals are actually masked not only with these confusing names but with deceptive titles like “fragrance” as well. They may at times be listed, plain and simple on the label but with no messages to inform consumers like us of their potentially harmful effects.


To check out the delving nitty-gritty of toxicology and the harmful chemicals, consult Mr. Google or you may download ThinkDirty application in your cellular phones. ThinkDirty is a free mobile application available in google play and apple app store.  The app has been rated as the easiest way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products.




Cue# 2. You are Putting Anything on Your Face What You Are Putting in your Skin


When we are going to apply high-risk chemicals, it is actually more harmful than swallowing them. You see, as these substances will be absorbed directly through our skin, it will then miss all important digestion processes which are a very crucial aid in straining or filtering out some of the toxins before going through our bloodstream. Thus, if you wouldn’t eat it, do not even think about applying it to that beautiful sponge like the biggest organ in the human body we call skin.


Cue# 3. Check for Alternatives


Natural health and beauty industries are growing over the past years. Essentially, we have countless reasons for us not to use nourishing, organic, and cruelty-free products not just for our health but of the planet earth as well.


We have innumerable options when it comes to natural and organic products that are effective, inexpensive as well as easy to find. We just have to be keen on what to spoil your health and wellness as well. Choose the best product that came from the finest materials or ingredients and primed with passion and value.


Cue# 4. Go for the New Naturals Switch from the Old Nasties


Switching could be a little overwhelming. That is why it should be done gradually and a few products at a time. Let say, if you have run out one product, you could now replace it with a better and healthier alternative. Now, gradually you can start building up a new collection of natural (better if organic), beautiful and nourishing personal care products.