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Sra Thnam is a very well-known impotence drink in Cambodia. Aside from its sexual benefits aiding waning libidos of men and women, it is proven to improve health as a cure of swollen joints, and great help fighting gassy stomach and relieving constipation. This alcohol-roots medicine or fermented natural herbs is a very special elixir to boost your emotions too.

This powerful medicine is highly recommended by many Asian Doctors as the good effects of the liquor is manifold. It is also known to enhance appetite, stimulate the circulation of blood, treat muscle aches, reduce fatigue, and cure insomnia.

The entire stems, roots will be wrapped in white cloth and put in a big jar of whiskey where it would be soaked for about 15 days. The color and the taste of the liquid inside will be stronger, they will be distilled and become the whiskey. Sra Tham is being sold and offered in little cups before the meal to make the food taste better and stimulates the appetite too.

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