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SABJA seeds are surprisingly loaded with every important nutrient and have similar property as chia seeds. Aside from it is known worldwide as one of the ingredients for sweet Asian drinks and food, milkshakes, health drinks, it has numerous health benefits:

  1. Weight Loss – Sabja seeds or popularly known as basil seeds work extremely well for controlling weight and helps to achieve weight loss goals. It is full of fiber which gives you the sensation of fullness to a certain period of time. When you soak it in water, it has the ability to expand 30 times its original size.
  2. Healthy and Nourished Hair – Vitamin K, Protein and iron are present in the Sabja seeds and are helpful to make one’s hair healthy and nourished. These nutrients also address baldness and hair loss.
  3. Healthy Skin – Mix of coconut oil and Sabja seeds is known effective to ward off many skin ailments or diseases like eczema and psoriasis.


Crush 1 tsp of Sabja seeds and mix it with 100ml of coconut oil. Heat the mixture for 5 minutes then strain. Apply it over the affected skin area to cure skin related problems.


  1. Address Acidity problems and relieves constipation– with faulty lifestyle and wrong dietary pattern, acidity problems are very common these days. It has cooling and soothing effects on the stomach while it will help to cleanse the inner stomach as it ensures easy bowel movement, flushing out toxins from the stomach.

Take 1 cup of fresh milk and 1 tsp of Sabja seeds, stir it well and drink. This will reduce the burning sensation in your stomach.

  1. Diabetes Treatment – Sabja seeds is said to be good in lowering blood sugar and useful in curing type 2 diabetes.


Soak 1 tsp of Sabja seeds and tone in the 1 glass of milk (you may add 1 drop of vanilla extract if you want). Drink at least once a day.



Sabja seeds, the king of superfoods has been revered for its health-promoting properties. It can be hydrated into smoothies, yogurts, desserts, or any beverages. Hydrate in water within 10minutes as the Sabja seeds create a pleasantly chewy texture, more tapioca-like than chia seeds, spherical jelly layer; a nutritional complement to your favorite breakfast, lunch or dessert. Once it turned into gelatinous like, these will be incredibly soothing on the digestive tract and act as an intestinal broom. It has a natural laxative effect and help in control blood sugar level and manage both weight and appetite. It is also found out in research studies that it has antioxidant, anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.


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