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Lotus seeds capsule is a very practical way to make part of your life safe in handy. It is made of 100% lotus seeds powder with no additives or fillers).


Health Advantages, Medicinal, and Therapeutic Uses


Lotus seeds are famous for its healing features and generally used in Chinese medications:


  • A flavonoid called kaempferol is present in the seeds and its anti-inflammatory features is known to support the repairing of gum tissue.
  • It has L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase, an anti-aging enzyme famous in supporting repair of destroyed tissue.
  • Also treats different sexual conditions
  • With its astringent features, makes it an advantage for the kidneys in support to regulate the power levels of the body.
  • Treats people with insomnia and other sleeping problems.
  • Has a good advantage for the heart due to its chilling features
  • Useful in alleviating restiveness due to calming and being a natural sedative. It also relieves the issue of diarrhea.
  • The hostility of the seeds come from isoquinoline alkaloids which are trusted to induce a calming effect and are also antispasmodic in nature, leading dilation of the blood vessels controlling blood force levels.
  • Also being used to treat urinary ailments and reproductive diseases and prostatitis.


This product is not recommendable without Physician’s consent if pregnant or nursing as well as if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications.


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