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Pure Lotus Plumule powder

60 Capsules

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Lotus plumule or known as Lian Zi Xin or Plumula Nelumbinis is a Chinese herb with lots of health benefits. It is edible but not suitable for direct consumption because it is so bitter. That is why we made a better way to make your health way on a handy – in an edible no preservative capsule.


This green germ within the mature lotus seeds is traditionally used as a Chinese folklore solution to clear heart fire and one of the most desirable herbs for those insomniacs due to heart-kidney imbalance.

Lotus plumule capsule is also being considered safe for almost all people since it is with no known drug interactions and adverse reactions. But due to its cold nature, it is not suitable for long-term use. Otherwise, it may do harm to the health, especially on those who have a cold-inclined constitution.

Additional Information about Lotus Plumule Capsules:

  • Decreases internal heat
  • Benefits upper respiratory system
  • Benefits a healthy sleep cycle


This product is not recommendable without Physician’s consent if pregnant or nursing as well as if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications.


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