Coconut Charcoal Powder



Pure Coconut Charcoal powder

60 capsules

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This powerful capsule is generally used for detoxification, stopping toxins from being absorbed in the stomach by binding them. The specially made coconut charcoal is made of potent natural element for natural healing as it is proven to be safe and effective.

Coconut charcoal capsule is being used to reduce bloating and gas, it also lowers cholesterol, and even treat bile flow problems and generally safe for pregnant women. Some study suggests that coconut charcoal capsules could improve skin and body health. It could even treat mosquito or insect bites and of spiders. One capsule mixed with coconut oil and dab on the affected area will remove itchiness and discomfort. Regular intake of coconut charcoal capsule means having a healthier digestive tract as it removes toxins caused by allergic reactions, oxidative damage, and poor immune system, function. As it helps prevent cellular damage to kidneys and liver, as well as supporting healthy adrenal glands, it benefits major organs by helping flush out the toxin chemicals that causing damage.

Not everyone knows that this super capsule can slow down aging. As we all know, aging is a natural part of our lives from work, home, the food we eat, but with just two capsules per day after exposure to non-organic foods, heavy meals, or after contact to to other toxins, supports your better cognitive function, reduce brain fog, and healthier gastrointestinal tract.

Drink at least 12 glasses of warm water for better effect of the capsule. This is to prevent dehydration and helps to flush out the toxins quickly and prevent constipation.


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