Herbal Balm (108 Herbs)



A secret mix of 108 herbs from the Ancient Tradition

Available in 15g and 50g

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Always have a touch of calm and comfort within reach with minty Herbal Balm. It provides relief from stress and a quick remedy for skin discomfort and various pains.

Balm and Herbal Oil are traditional products that run from generation to generation and handcrafted to preserve this tradition. This product is very affordable and has a distinct Cambodian identity because of its Khmer ingredient grown only in the territory of Battambang and proven effective in daily medical care.

The 108 Herbal Oil which is one of the primary ingredient infused with Polyscias Paniculata, a plant used for centuries in traditional medicine seen as an analgesic is proven effective in treating skin symptoms such as blisters, mosquito and crawling insect bites even hornet and wasp stings. It is also being recognized to relieve muscle/joints (eg. Waist pain, arthritis, back pain, sprains). The Herbal Balm is also used as a medication to treat minor aches such as stomachache, abdominal distension, and bruises. The balm’s menthol aroma aides to cure cold and stuffy, running nose and relieves dizziness as well.

Do not apply the balm in the eyes, mouth, nostrils or genitals.

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