Spirulina Powder



Pure Spirulina powder

Available in 50gr.

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This algae powder that is high in protein and iron plus rich in 18 different amino acids is said to be the superfood wonder. With its rich dark color coming from chlorophyll helping to eliminate toxins, it is also best as it boosts our immune system.


This nutrient-rich powder has also numerous skincare benefits. Dandruff is nothing for a Spirulina: a formidable opponent of free radicals and fine lines. The antioxidants found in this wonder food are said to be four times the amount found in berries. It also helps boost skin tone and complexion leaving you with the sought-after glow.


Spirulina powder can also:


  • Encourage cell turnover
  • Lead to healthier nails due to its high protein content
  • Promote hair growth and
  • Fight acne with its antibacterial properties


Excellent for all skin types, Spirulina Powder is best to be paired with honey as face mask. Aside from leaving your skin feel moisturized, it also evens out skin tone and fights off bacteria.


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